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June 2024: Oral Argument for appeal scheduled

Image by Joshua Sukoff


Oregon educators Katie Medart and Rachel Sager started a grassroots movement, “I Resolve,” to speak out
on gender identity education policy and offer solutions that would allow teachers to continue teaching without violating
their conscience and that would respect the rights of parents. After posting a video on their own website promoting
their organization, Katie and Rachel were suspended and then terminated for speaking out. Rachel and Katie were
reinstated, but to inferior positions, and Rachel has since left the district but has been unable to find work elsewhere.The school board reversed the decision to terminate the two educators, five months after their initial termination. Upon their return to work, Rachel and Katie experienced prejudice and retaliation by district leadership. Rachel was forced out of the district in order to protect her license and future job prospects. Katie was involuntarily transferred to the online school with the intent of the district being to keep her out of the classroom. 

Legal Documents

Court Document

Appeal Opening Brief 09/06/2023

Court Document

Notice of Appeal

Summary Judgement Opinion

March 29, 2023


Damiano Leave Letter


Medart Leave Letter

Trial Court

Amended Complaint

Media and Appearances

Letter to the Community

Rally at the Flag Speech

What's the Biggs Idea Podcast

WoLF Interview

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