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Parental Rights

Minors' rights are broad and begin young in Oregon.

Minors in the state of Oregon can begin making medical decisions at the age of 15, without parental consent. This includes immunization decisions. 
Minors are given rights to make mental health decisions beginning at the age of 14. This includes seeing a psychologist on their own and requesting hormone treatment.

How can you be involved?

Alliance Defending Freedom has a free Toolkit on Critical Theory for download. That resource can be found here

Parents Rights in Education is a great resource for how parents can be involved in their student's education and the rights parents do and should have. You can check in out at the link in the title of this section.

The Family Research Council also has a webinar regarding school boards that you can check out here

Pacific Justice Institute also has a great resource page for parental rights. 

Ask questions

We encourage all parents to reach out to their school board members and district leadership and ask them questions. If you get a vague response, ask a follow up question. If you get a response that you aren't sure about, feel free to reach out to us and we can help you decipher the response or suggest follow up questions.

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