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In the Classroom

The Resolutions Simplified

Point 1

The scientific community recognizes that each person has one dominant anatomical gender presentation.

Point 2

Because bathrooms are built for specific functions, they could be relabeled "anatomical male" and "anatomical female".

Point 3

Any student may go by a different name if:

  • Parents give the school permission

  • The name is a derivative of the students' legal name

Point 4

Any student can go by a different pronoun if the parents give permission to the school for the student to do so.

Integrated Point

Due to the first amendment and multiple recent court rulings, students and staff cannot be mandated to call students by preferred names and pronouns. They can be given the choice to.

Support the Resolutions

Let us know you support the resolutions. If you feel they need to be modified, tell us how you would like to see the modified.

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