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Researching and Writing

I Resolve

Reasonable, loving, and tolerant solutions for education policies that respect everyone's rights.

Simplified Resolution

Point 1

The scientific community recognizes that each person has one dominant anatomical gender presentation.

Point 2

Because bathrooms are built for specific functions, they could be relabeled "anatomical male" and "anatomical female".

Point 3

Any student may go by a different name when:

  • Parents give the school permission

  • The name is a derivative of the students' legal name

Point 4

A student can go by a different pronoun when 

  • Parents give permission to the school for the student to do so.

Integrated Point

Due to the first amendment and multiple recent court rulings, students and staff cannot be mandated to call students by preferred names and pronouns. They can only be given the choice to.

Researching and Writing
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Proposed Solutions for Education Systems

Honoring All Students, Staff and Community Members

I Resolve is a grassroots movement intended to protect the hearts and minds of our youth and stand up for truth in our society. We believe that resolutions that are reasonable and fair in both form and operation, are beneficial in helping to safeguard the mental, emotional and physical well-being of all public-school students. 
We need communities to band together, through individual and corporate commitment, to protect our youth and make their voice heard to local, state and national leaders and policy makers.

Full Resolution 2021-01

We aim to propose policy standards that are fair, reasonable and that safeguard liberties and freedoms of all parties involved.

The resolution statements regarding bathroom and locker room shared space use are suggestions for current structures, until such a time that individual gender neutral bathrooms are required and fully funded for education and youth facilities. 

The last two resolutions are proposed as a caring, neutral, pragmatic, and unbiased support of students and staff as a student navigates their own gender identity journey.

Therefore, be it resolved that we urge our local, state and federal leaders to adopt the following principles and policies:

Point 1


We recognize that, excepting very rare scientifically-demonstrable medical conditions, there are two anatomical gender presentations, male and female;

Point 2

Resolution 1a

Shared public-school restrooms and locker rooms, previously designated by “gender” (e.g. “boys” and “girls” designations) could be re-designated as “anatomically-male” or “anatomically-female” spaces to only be used by persons matching the anatomical designation of the spaces as consistent with the purpose for which the spaces are built;

Point 3

Resolution 1b

For any person who is not comfortable using their anatomically-correct space, they may request access to a private restroom or locker room space, including designated staff spaces, to the extent that such spaces exist and are available**;

Point 4

Resolution 2

A student may, with parent permission, request to be called by a derivative of their legal name but it will not be mandated that students or staff be required to call the student by their preferred name; and

Point 5

Resolution 3

A student may, with parent permission, request to be referred to with preferred pronouns, but it will not be mandated that students or staff be required to use the preferred pronouns.



**Please note that although not specified in the resolutions, individual gender neutral bathrooms are endorsed by I Resolve and encouraged to be fully funded by the state to be implemented in education facilities.

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The views expressed on this site and any related video(s) produced by I Resolve are the expression of the individuals, as private citizens and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of any specific education entity.

I Resolve Team

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